Dance Teachers in Grande Prairie

Andrea Polasek

Dance Instructor

Ms. Andrea has been dancing for over 30 years, she started her training at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school at the age of 3. Although she is a ballerina at heart, she has trained extensively in almost every style, and has been teaching dance for well over a decade.

She is a dedicated mom of 3 wonderful boys and has had a lifelong passion for the performing arts that started when she was first introduced to dance and piano as a very young child. She absolutely loved classes, but especially performing! Thanks to decades of hard work, training, and perseverance, she is now an accomplished musician, actress, singer, dancer, and teacher.

Throughout those years of training, she had many incredible teachers and mentors that changed her life. Teachers that helped shape who she is today, that believed in her, encouraged her, built her confidence, and some even helped her persevere through some very difficult challenges in her life. It was during that time that she knew that she wanted to become a teacher, she wanted to help make a difference in her students lives like they made a difference in hers, she wanted to be a positive role model and mentor for her students as her teachers were for her. So as a teen she asked to start assisting classes, then later on she started teaching her own classes, and the rest is history!

Besides dance she has enjoyed teaching piano, tennis, musical theatre, and sign language to students and their families. She is always eager to take courses, go to workshops, and learn new information to improve her classes and teaching style. She loves to see her students learn new skills, build their confidence, and gain experiences and knowledge that will help them in many different aspects of their lives. She strives to create a fun, welcoming, and inclusive environment that encourages learning, growth, teamwork, kindness, and respect in her students, both towards themselves and others. After taking a few years off, she is looking forward to getting back into the studio and sharing her love of dance with all her students again.