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Our Club program classes focus on instilling a love of dance and a joy for movement. Students will be encouraged to join in dance examinations, experience the excitement of performance at one of the local dance festivals/competitions and share in the thrill of our Christmas Show and the Year End Recital.

Dance Club Programs in Grande Prairie

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For Students 3 and up

Ballet has been around for centuries.  Its technically driven movements and performance evoke a feeling, theme, or tell a story.  Many different variations and styles have developed within the ballet genre including classical ballet, romantic ballet, neoclassical ballet, and contemporary ballet.  Our studio’s core focus is with the Royal Academy of Dance syllabi and developing choreography that spans romantic to contemporary ballet styles.


For Students 6 and up

Jazz dance has been ever evolving and one of the most popular genres of dance today! Our jazz classes layer jazz style over traditional ballet in a fun, upbeat, and dynamic class. Our studio focuses on the roots and technique of jazz dance with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association Jazz Syllabus. Class will always begin with a warm-up of strengthening, stretching, and conditioning, followed by across-the-floor exercises and center exercises focusing on various steps, jumps, turns, and combinations.


For Students 3 and up

Tap dance is a high-energy style of dance where rhythm, style and technique are combined to let your feet make the music. Tap dance helps to develop excellent coordination skills and musicality that carry over to all other dance styles. Our studio focuses on the Canadian Dance Teachers Association Tap Syllabus to guide you through tap history, technique, and percussive based combinations.


For Students 10 and up (must be enrolled in Ballet AND Progressions & Technique)

Contemporary dance is a blend of ballet and modern movement with components of acro and jazz strength and agility.  Its abstract telling of a story or theme can be accomplished with or without lyrics of a song and has become one of the most popular genres in dance today

Hip Hop

For students 6 and up

Hip hop is an upbeat style of street dance that focuses on a number of grooves, freestyle and choreography. Hip Hop has its own set of foundations and techniques that makes this style its own and carries with it a vast historical background involving many different cultural influences.


For Students 8 and up (must be enrolled in Ballet AND Jazz and have 1 year previous ballet training)

Lyrical is a blend of ballet and jazz technique with components of acro and modern dance. Our lyrical choreography is an emotional style that illustrates the lyrics or theme of a song through dance movement.

Acrobatic Dance

For students 3-5 (Combo Class) and 6 and up (6+ must be enrolled in Ballet AND Jazz, or a Ballet/Jazz combo class)

Acrobatic dance combines dance techniques with acrobatic elements, fusing them together choreographically so they are artistically intertwined and seamlessly executed.  Our studio utilizes the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus to train the five key elements of Acrobatic Dance, Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Limbering, and Tumbling. The main focus of our acro class is to build strength, increase flexibility and balance, and to safely work through acro progressions. Acrobatic Dance is highly advantageous for increasing technique level for all other dance disciplines.


For students 8 and up (must be enrolled in Ballet)

Created from European and American styles of ballet, folk, and religious dance, Modern dance pioneers went against the conforms of ballet and developed a freedom of expression not available through ballet.  Our studio follows the CDTA Modern syllabus that incorporates techniques from some of the foundational modern dance leaders.

Stretch Academy

Ages 7 and up

Stretch Academy will focus on flexibility, mobility and postural alignment. The class will consist of yoga and pilates based movement utilizing the mUvmethod Stretch Academy program.


Ages 3-6

JazzHop is a fun and high energy combination class combining the upbeat style of Hip Hop with technical elements of Jazz!

Technique and Progression

Ages 8 and up (must be enrolled in twice a week ballet AND jazz)

Technique and Progressions will focus on overall postural alignment and core stability. The class will consist of strengthening, conditioning, progressions, jumping, and turning.

Creative Movement

Ages 31-4

Creative Movement is a class for dancing, singing, wiggling and giggling! Students will explore movement through music and dance, to develop motor skills, rhythmic awareness, coordination and balance in a safe environment.  Through creative movement your child will be working on developing physical skills, channelling energy, and stimulating imagination and creativity.

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