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Dance Classes at Our Grande Prairie Studio

We offer a variety of dance classes for all ages and abilities, from tiny tots and beginners to adults and pre-professional level students. You’ll find our classes welcoming and encouraging as we aim to teach through positivity and support, with an emphasis on the whole person, mind, body and soul. Click here to get started with a FREE trial class or view the various dance styles here. View the different programs we offer below!


Commitment 6 - 7+ Hours/Week

Our Competitive Program is for the more serious dancer wanting to take their training to the next level. They must be self-motivating, hardworking and have a desire to grow as a dancer, teammate, and an individual. Competitive students will be enrolled in twice weekly ballet classes, one jazz class, one technique & progressions class, and are required to participate in a large competitive group number. Students will take part in dance examinations, experience the excitement of performance at 1-2 local festivals/competitions and 2-3 out of town festivals/competitions and will share in the thrill of our Winter Showcase and Year End Recital. To enroll in the Competitive Program you must have had at least one year of both Ballet and Jazz training.


Commitment 4 - 5+ Hours/Week

Our Pre-Competitive Program is designed for students who wish to explore competitive dance opportunities without the additional time commitment required for the full competitive program. Pre-Competitive students must be enrolled in twice weekly ballet and one jazz class. Students will have the opportunity to participate in dance examinations, will attend 1-2 local festivals/competitions and 1 out of town festival/competition and will share in the thrill of our Winter Showcase and Year End Recital.

Club Program

No time commitment – take as many classes as you wish!

Our Club program classes focus on instilling a love of dance and a joy for movement. Students will be encouraged to join in dance examinations, experience the excitement of performance at one of the local dance festivals/competitions and share in the thrill of our Winter Showcase and Year End Recital.


As a studio who values growth and commitment from our dancers of all ages, it is our pleasure to offer dance exams to students in Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

Our Ballet syllabus, The RAD – Royal Academy of Dance – is the most highly recognized ballet syllabus worldwide.

Our Jazz, Tap and Modern Syllabus are through the CDTA – Canadian Dance Teachers Association. The CDTA has been in business for 73 years and is a nationally recognized syllabus that offers strong foundations in all their syllabi.

Our vast experience shows that formal exams present a unique opportunity for the dancers to display and take pride in how hard they work and are able to progress in their classes. Exams are extremely valuable to each dancer as they provide the development of strong technique, artistry, and quality of movement.  Examinations instill strong moral character, values, and a passion for excellence. 

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Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills  for life, we have a class for you. Get started with a FREE dance lesson.

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