Dance Teachers in Grande Prairie

Trinity Smith

Dance Instructor

Trinity’s been dancing for as long as she can remember. She started taking ballet at 5 years old, adding on more genres of dance over the years. Dance grew a meaning of having a safe place to go work hard and see results. It’s about being part of a team and learning to work alone. It’s setting goals and working to achieve them. Dance is about expression and progress. The best part of going to dance is letting go and showing unique values of ourselves. Trinity loves dance because it teaches a way to communicate in a non verbal way. Expressing words can be difficult, but teaching and learning how to express yourself using a form other than words, can say more.

Trinity joined the local performance Coppelia as an addition to her studio dance classes and has expanded and grown ever since. She’s attended multiple dance classes and conventions from all over, including Nuvo, Groovestreet, Pure Dance, KBM talent, Waldorf Ballet, Harbour Dance, and many more. Her most memorable dance experience was when she had the opportunity to go to New York with dancers from all over Canada and the United States to take classes and dance on a Broadway stage.

Trinity’s love has always remained in ballet. She attended Alberta Ballet Schools summer intensive twice, being asked both times to stay full year in the professional division, which she had accepted for her grade 11 year. Trinitys completed her Advanced 1 RAD exam, Discovering Repertoire level 2, Cecchetti Intermediate, Jazz CDTA intermediate, and Tap CDTA intermediate exams. She looks forward to sharing her love for dance and experience with her students and hopes to inspire and create beautiful movement and memories.

Starting at the age of 12, Trinity assisted in teaching ballet classes for young dancers. She grew love for teaching when she started noticing, not only the way the young kids admired watching the senior dancers, but also attempting to try what they were doing. At the age of 18 she started teaching for kids ranging the ages 6-16. Trinity is super excited for the new challenges and excitement that may come her way.