Spotlight on Different Dance Styles: Finding Your Perfect Fit

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Spotlight on Different Dance Styles: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Are you ready to take the stage and dazzle with your dance moves? At Ark Dance Academy, we believe that every child has a unique rhythm waiting to be discovered. With a wide array of dance styles to choose from, finding the perfect fit can be an exciting journey of exploration and self-expression.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic dance styles we offer and how each one can ignite your child’s passion for movement.

Ballet: Grace, Elegance & Foundations

With its roots tracing back centuries, ballet offers a disciplined approach to dance, focusing on technique, posture, and strength. We often require our competitive dancers to take ballet because of the crucial foundation it develops from which other styles build on. Without the core stability, foot articulation, line development, and extensions, things like lyrical and contemporary would not exist.

Ballet is for those that desire to pair power with refinement and structure. It’s also for those that lived in a little tutu as a kid… the tutus are next level! From aligned pliés to traveling leaps, ballet teaches young dancers the importance of control and focus. Through ballet, children can learn to express emotion through movement while developing a strong building base for other dance styles.


Jazz: Energy, Style & Culture

If your child loves to move to the beat of upbeat music, jazz might be the perfect fit. Jazz dance has stemmed from multiple diverse figures including Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, and Jack Cole. Today the style can range from the attitude of an Ariana Grande anthem to the power of a rock classic, to the tempo of an Afrobeat. Jazz teaches children how to isolate joints, and most importantly, lays the groundwork for our core jumps and turns. Pushing dancers to feel the pace and musicality of a song, jazz flourishes creativity and personality on the dance floor. Whether it’s Broadway-inspired routines or contemporary jazz fusion, this style is sure to get your child grooving with confidence.

Hip Hop: Rhythm, Groove & Expression

Hip hop dance is all about style. It encompasses a multitude of street styles that is inspired and set to Hip Hop music. With its emphasis on freestyle improvisation and individuality, hip hop encourages dancers to express themselves authentically. From urban choreography to high-energy battles, hip hop empowers children to embrace their uniqueness and dance to their own beat.


Tap: Musicality, Footwork & Timing

Tap dance is a celebration of rhythm and sound. With its intricate footwork and percussive beats, tap builds a robust foundation for kids to understand music and timing. This transfers over to so many other styles and often helps dancers excel. From classic Fred Astaire-inspired routines to modern tap fusion, this style offers endless opportunities for creativity. Tap dance teaches children the importance of timing, coordination, and musicality, all while having a blast making music with their feet. Bonus!! It lets your littles be LOUD when your ears aren’t around… we understand that bliss on a visceral level…

Contemporary: Emotion, Fluidity & Artistry

Contemporary dance is a blend of various dance styles, emphasizing lines, concept, and variation. It blends lyrical storytelling with modern abstract experimentation, contemporary encourages dancers to explore their emotions and push boundaries. Characterized by fluid transitions and organic movements, it gives the audience a unique experience of blending emotion evoking storytelling with visually appealing pictures and flow. Contemporary dance allows children to connect with music on a deeper level and express their innermost thoughts and feelings. 

Acro: Flexibility, Athleticism & Control

Acrobatic dance is relatively new to our dance world comparatively but has taken us all by storm. It takes feats of flexibility and tumbling from gymnastics and blends them with dance. This style requires high amounts of strength and prep work before skills can be performed, which is why dancers benefit from its conditioning aspects. Lots of components go into executing this style safely and effectively but it is jaw dropping when done so! 

Let's do this!

We understand that every human is unique, and there’s a dance style for everyone. Whether your child dreams of pirouetting on stage or breaking it down in a hip hop battle, our experienced instructors are here to guide them on their dance journey. Through personalized instruction and a supportive environment, we nurture each child’s passion for dance and help them discover their own rhythm and style. We also have styles for you parents and adults too!

So, what are you waiting for? Step into the spotlight with us and let your child’s creativity shine! 

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