The Benefits of Preschool Dance

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The Benefits of Preschool Dance Classes

We all know that kids love to dance, move, and play with other kids.  So OF COURSE dance classes are a great way for them to have fun, burn off some energy, and make new friends. But… have you ever wondered what actually goes on in an average toddler/preschool aged dance class? What kinds of things are they learning? Do they learn actual dance steps? 

Well we’re here to fill you in, and the answer is yes, they most certainly do! But there are also many other benefits for toddlers and preschoolers, besides learning cool new dance moves! Read on to learn more!

Firstly, our classes are planned out by experienced teachers to be fun and engaging. Importantly, they are also age and developmentally appropriate. Dancers will learn foundational dance steps and skills through fun, play based songs, dances, and learning activities. Classes are semi structured, which means they follow a lesson plan and routine, while allowing time for free movement, creative expression, and play. 

Physical activity of any kind is incredibly important for young children. Starting them in dance classes or other activities strengthens their heart, muscles, and lungs. It also improves their coordination, balance, posture, and flexibility. These are all so important for their physical development and we love to celebrate these milestones at ADA.

Some of the other benefits of preschool dance classes include:


  • Dancers will build on and are introduced to new dance and physical literacy skills. They will work on their fine and gross motor skills through various songs and activities. 
  • They will learn musicality! They get to dance and clap to the beat of different styles of music, and they will even get to sing along and make music with their own instruments.


  • Our dancers will socialize with other children their age, and be introduced to valuable classroom skills in a fun and positive way.
  • They will learn important listening skills, following directions, working as a team, and taking and waiting their turn. They’ll also learn to clap for their friends achievements, and to take a bow for their own.


  • Dancers in our 12 week sessionals, and all full year programs have the opportunity to perform in our recitals, (yes, even our 1 and 2 year old students!) which allows them to get accustomed to having an audience.
  • This boosts their self esteem and confidence, and helps them in the future in areas such as school presentations, public speaking, or other performances. 


  • Our classes encourage creativity and imaginative play. Dancers get the opportunity for free movement and to use their imaginations, whether we’re dancing under the sea, or through the jungle. 
  • Dancers are frequently encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. This builds their confidence, teamwork skills, communication skills, and leads to new and fun adventures in their classes. 


  • Dancers are encouraged to build up their confidence by learning and mastering new and exciting dance skills throughout their classes.
  • We build up their self esteem by motivating them to engage in positive self talk, encouraging them to persevere if a new skill is challenging, and by celebrating their new achievements! 


Lastly, our teachers strive to include our studio values of love, respect, knowledge, kindness, and perseverance in every class. We are proud to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space in our community, where all our students are encouraged to shine.  

If you have any questions, or you’d like to learn more about our toddler/preschool programs, just give our office a shout, we’d love to tell you all about it! Click the link below to go to our Sessional Programs page. 

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